Dr Tom Walker

Scottish businessman tomwalkerscotland@gmail.com

I have built up a broad range of experience working in a variety of fields. I have previously founded an online cosmetic service, medical revision website and property management firm. As a (non-medical) consultant I have managed a national level grassroots campaign. I was previously a medical doctor in the NHS but I no longer practice.

I bring experience and education from my medical training which provides me a systematic mindset for solving problems. I have a fair level of competence with digital technologies and I try to think outside of the box. I am proud of my organisational skills and initiative, which I consider my strongest points.

I have been published in newspapers such as the Scotsman, Herald, Le Monde, Times, Evening Standard and Daily Mail, magazines including Vogue, Hello and Country & Town House, and TV broadcasters including the BBC, STV, RT, TVN24, YLE and others.


I am naturally curious about most technology but there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with all of the developments. I have recently focussed on blockchain technologies and automation. My interest in these span from an economic and societal standpoint. I feel that a lot of business actions can be improved and productivity will be rapidly increased. A concerning side effect is further decoupling of labour and production.

My pastimes include reading (sci-fi, history, classics), hiking and learning new things. I like to spend time in the country surrounded by nature. When there I like to explore on foot or dirt bike!


University of Glasgow

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery · MBChB

Bachelor of Science with honours · BSc(HONS)

September 2004 - May 2010